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Our Strategic Focus

Our mission

The Sibley Innovation Hub is a critical engine that supports the Sibley vision to set the standard in how healthcare systems can rapidly innovate to solve strategic operational challenges. We innovate so that we can continuously discover and implement ways to provide exceptional care to every patient, every time.

Our Vision

The Sibley Innovation Hub will achieve our vision by specializing in the practical application of design thinking techniques to explore, discover and scale novel digital approaches to delivering care and improving Sibley’s operations.

Our rationale

In acknowledging the incredible innovations occurring throughout the world, the Innovation Hub will look to leverage digital technologies and emerging tech enabled solutions to find partners that can help us accelerate disruption within our health system focused on access, quality, experience and the cost of care.

Hub Happenings

Our focus this week

Our Innovation Hub is in the process of prioritizing focus areas so that we can drive change in critical areas for Sibley. These areas have been selected and are being prioritized based on Sibley Staff Input, Leadership Priorities, the Sibley Strategy, and Disruption Potential in the market as assessed by the Innovation Hub. We are also kicking off our Exploration Sessions, intended to identify exciting partners that can help us disrupt healthcare.

Possible Focus Areas Include: Utilizing artificial intelligence in the OR, Smart and robotic billing, Continuing care beyond the walls of our hospital, eliminating documentation in the clinic, and others!

Companies We’re Watching

The Innovation Hub is discovering exciting new solutions and emerging technologies that can help us improve core operations while exploring new ways of delivering care to existing or new markets. We will be seeking partnerships with these emerging companies to solve our problems first – and then will work to scale as a collaborative business partner. Failure is an important aspect of innovation; we will need to do it quickly and often as we work to explore the right partnerships in exploring our most exciting and challenging opportunities.  

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