Some of our current ideas (still very much in the works).  Check back again later for more!

1. The voice-controlled hospital room

2.  Using nature sounds to change the sound environment of the hospital

3.  A door communication tool for patients to use to tell others about their current status 

4.  About Me-click here for more

5.  The video super wall that would be interactive, informative, and entertaining for patients

6.  A realtime feedback system that would gather feedback during the patient's stay

7.  An on-demand beverage service that would provide drinks when asked for

8.  A video tutorial that would orient patients to their room and the hospital setting

Got ideas? Please let us know, send an email to SibleyHub@jhmi.edu


Where this all began?

How might we capture and act on the needs and desires of patients while they are in the hospital?  How might we bring greater dignity and self-determination to the patient experience at Sibley? From these two questions, we created a prototype space to start being able to build out possible answers.  At first, built from poster board and post-it notes, the Hub team was able to create an isolated space with the exact dimensions of a hospital rooms with furniture and place holders for anything that we would still need.  One of the ideas that we started to organize our thoughts and building around was the idea of having a wall for each end-user.  Basically, the idea that we could design one wall for each end-user in the room--the patient, the provider, the visitors, and everyone.