The Johns Hopkins Sibley Innovation Hub is a team of designers, lean engineers, technologists and project managers. The Hub focuses on problems in healthcare which have been historically difficult to solve and opportunities to create the future. The Hub team works out of a 5,000 sq foot open innovation space in the center of Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital. 

In 2016, Johns Hopkins Sibley took on the ambitious challenge of being the national role model for innovation in healthcare. Every manager, director, VP and C-Suite leader at Sibley is responsible for undertaking four innovation projects a year. We think it's the largest roll out of lean and design in any community hospital, ever. 

Staff-led projects follow the Sibley Innovation Method, our open source three step process of: Listen, Imagine, Do! Teams are small, focused and encouraged to solve within arm's reach.

Hubster-led projects span longer timeframes and have more ambitious scopes. Examples include: 

  • RoomOS - bedside technology to understand and react to the needs of patients in realtime. 
  • Centre Sibley - a concierge-like space and team to help visitors and patients with anything they may need while visiting the hospital. 
  • The Tranquility Room - designed by Artist in Residence Yoko Sen, the tranquility room is a space for caregiving staff to recharge. 
  • About Me Boards - born of a secession of failed prototypes, the simplest solution proved to be the best. About Me is a fixture in every patient room designed to help recognize the non-patient identity of everyone we care for. 

The Hub focuses on projects which improve patient care, empower and engage staff, and improve clinical quality.The Hub works openly and always engages patients as equal stakeholders in the design process.

The projects listed on the left are examples of our process and our journey at Sibley.  Each project is at a different point in its story, but they all provide insight into the design thinking process that we use in the Hub.  

If you are interested in exploring a challenge or problem or opportunity, start by submitting it here