Johns Hopkins Sibley Innovation Hub


Nick's great for: 

  • healthcare innovation events
  • speaking about solving for the needs of patients and communities
  • projecting the future of healthcare and making it feel optimistic and approachable
  • talking about processes for innovation and unlocking it in complex organizations
  • c-suite and board-level design or innovation meetings

Speaker Bio

Nick doesn't think he has a cool bio. He does, however, think he works with some really cool teams. At the Johns Hopkins Sibley Innovation Hub the human-centered design team works on reinventing healthcare delivery to be modern and more desirable by everyone. On the Stanford Medicine X team, they are progressing a national dialogue around including everyone as equal stakeholders in designing a better health system.  He’s involved in national-level work on patient advocacy, design and community health and has worked with federal agencies, local governments and professional organizations to advice human-centeredness in healthcare.  He skis in the winter, runs most days and is forever restoring his antique Land Rover. 

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