Internships with the Sibley Innovation Hub

The Hub Internship Program is designed for students who are passionate about making change happen in healthcare. We innovate so that we can continuously discover and implement ways to provide exceptional care to every patient, every time. You’ll help drive impact from discovery to implementation, ushering solutions through our process. You will start by helping us break down critical issues and exploring big opportunities via workshops, observations and walk-throughs with our clinicians and experts. You’ll then connect with the world’s greatest solutions to find the best ideas that can have true impact if implemented at scale. Once you work to define solution-to-opportunity fit, you’ll support the validation (testing) of the solution to ensure it works for our clinical teams. Finally, you’ll transition the ownership to the clinical management teams while exploring opportunities to scale and support the solution around the world.

Things You’ll Experience and Learn

1. An understanding of key clinical problems and/or opportunities through observation, interviews and data analysis
2. Design thinking techniques to help explore solutions.
3. Comprehensive market research on industry and innovation trends that are disrupting the industry.
4. In-depth research on emerging technologies and companies to support discovery, exploration and our due diligence process.
5. Effective communication methods for sharing our story and passion and demonstrating our impact.

2019 Internship Opportunities

Engineering and Developing
Help us create and modify digital solutions. Dive into integration and technical aspects
- Coding and Developing
- Systems Thinking
- EMR/Digital Integrations

Communications and Design
Build digital and non-digital assets to tell the story of innovation and how we are transforming health

- Digital Design
- Graphic Design
- Communications and Branding

Medical and Clinical Outcomes
Provide clinical expertise that grounds innovations in clinical reality while pushing our thinking
- Redesigning Surgical Workflow
- Care Planning, Transition and Management Transformation

Operations and Facilitation
Drive research of innovation opportunities and develop future state flow to leverage innovations
- Strategy and Research
- Process Flow Mapping
- Brainstorm Facilitation

Venture and Due Diligence
Explore emerging digital technologies and perform due diligence to find the best solutions
- Venture Capital Investing
- Due Diligence

Finance and Modeling
Build business case-like support for innovations and help us prove the worth of taking risks
- Modeling and Forecasting
- Business Planning
- Ticket Value Creation

Unpaid opportunities are available for undergraduates or others interested in the field of digital technologies and healthcare. These opportunities can last 2 to 4 months with possibility to turn into a paid internship or even full time position.

Paid opportunities are available for students entering graduate programs or as part of their program who are interested in healthcare, digital, and entrepreneurial careers. These opportunities can last 3 to 6 months with possibility for extension or conversation to full time.

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