How might we empower patients through choice and comfort?

Two of the Hub's most significant designs began as separate challenges. It became clear to us early on that they were two parts of the same whole. Centre Sibley was designed as a space and a team with a simple mission: help solve any patient or caregiver need. We learned early in the design research that caring for someone in the hospital often means you have to put every other part of life on hold. We decided everyone could use a helping hand —someone to help take care of anything that comes up so you can focus on being present or on healing. 

roomOS is the codename for one of our largest challenges. Through the generous support of an anonymous donor, we were asked: How might we understand patients' needs in real time and give them ways to feel more empowered? 

The Hub team conducted months of design research. We sat in patient rooms with people receiving care and with their families. We shadowed nurses and care staff. We began to see patterns emerging. When you are sick or injured or recovering a lot of control and identity are taken away. And those losses can trigger grief. We wanted to give people a voice and choice. Several prototypes led to the creation of the Centre Sibley tablets and our roomOS system. 

roomOS allows patients and caregivers to tell us how their care is going in real time. Rather than waiting six weeks to six months to get post-stay surveys back, roomOS let's people give us feedback in seconds. The technology also allows people to take control of their needs. From ordering food to watching Netflix, we found that people feel disproportionally empowered by even the simplest choices and comforts. 

Centre Sibley, as a space and team, became the fulfillment pathway for these needs. When we brought them together, we realized we were on to something - we started calling it our non-clinical ecosystem of care

Today, patients can take control of their hospital stay, oncology treatment and clinic visit. They can tell us how they are experiencing their care. And we get the honor of responding in real time. What a gift!