We're reading: Addressing Patients' Social Needs: An Emerging Business Case for Provider Investment

imagesThis one came to us by way of Yelena Suprunova, Sibley's Librarian. Thanks Yelena - a great find on the socioeconomic needs of patients. One of our principals of design thinking is seeking deep empathy with the people for whom you are designing. This article reminds us that we need to take all factors of someone's life and identity into consideration. 

80 percent of physicians conclude that addressing patients’ social needs is as critical as addressing their medical needs. Yet until recently, providers rarely addressed patients’ unmet social needs in clinical settings. 

Looking Forward

As more low-income people gain health care coverage, evidence on which interventions are most cost-effective in addressing their social needs and improving their health will grow, and value-based reimbursement will become standard across payers. With these changes in the health care landscape, the economic case for provider investment in social interventions will become ever more compelling.

Read the full article on The Commonwealth Fund Site Addressing_Patients__Social_Needs__An_Emerging_Business_Case_for_Provider_Investment_-_The_Commonwealth_Fund