Wear your hat proudly

Phew…weeks seem to be flying by quickly.  It has already been a month here in the Hub, and I am wondering where the time has gone.  I really felt this sentiment while I was watching a friend of mine go through some boxes of stuff from his childhood.  He is in his 50s, so there was no shortage of “wow” after “wow” with just about every item that he pulled out.  Memories abound and emotions under control (at least externally), he decided he was ready to move on from just about everything in those boxes.  He did spare some baseball cards, a hat he wore when he was little, and a small toy car.  What amazed me most is that of all of the items I saw him going through, I found myself seeing analogous items that I currently have in my life, whether it was boxes of old board games, baseball gloves, or random toys.  I started going through memories myself. 

It is important to document things as you go through just so you can reflect back and bring back old ideas or memories.  In the Hub, the post-it notes that cover our walls and desks, the photos that we take daily, and the drawings that we try to make discernable (my drawings are usually very “abstract”!) are our ways of taking note of the hundreds of things that go on everyday.  Not everything that goes on a post-it has to have a purpose at the present, but it could be useful in the future.

Now, a smarty pants like me might say that you are just going to end up with thousands of post-it notes and endless photos, which is why it is important to go through things every once in a while and figure out what needs to go and what can stay.  Appreciate the memories and ideas that you have to move on from, because they serve a purpose.  They mean something to you and maybe no one else, and that is special.  It isn’t always easy to let them go but know that they will soon be replaced with new and valuable memories and ideas.  One day though, you may be rummaging through your stuff and you might just find an idea that changes everything, or you might find that hat from when you were a little boy, that you can’t even fit on your head, that you still can’t let go of after all of these years.