Walking: just try it!

2014-06-19 11.25.03

2014-06-19 11.25.03Lisa and Beth, from Sibley's rehab unit, came to The Hub with an idea: How can we encourage patients to retain and regain their mobility when they are in the hospital? Many patients come to Sibley who are very mobile. When recovering from even minor surgery, their daily routine as an inpatient mostly involves staying in bed. But we know many patients actually get discharged sooner if they are active during recovery. Lisa and Beth even envisioned a new Fitbit-like chip which would be embedded into the patients' ID wristband. Their version would even include wireless communication back into Epic, Sibley's electronic medical record.


2014-06-19 11.25.25So, we brainstormed.. sometimes an innovation isn't just the idea, it's how you get started. Building a new wireless, wearable sensor is quite an undertaking. So, what's the most basic thing we could try? How could we engage patients in helping us test this idea?

Maybe, it's even a game: Steps To Discharge...

That night, Lisa went to the store and purchased 4 simple pedometers. She and Beth already had two willing patients who were counting steps.

What we learned:

Sometimes, it's all about getting started. Beth and Lisa reminded us that great ideas can be tested easily. Now we can interview patients and staff to see what's working and how we might improve the idea further.