Transparency = Trust

Throughout our interviews and meeting different stakeholders in the Sibley network we have learned the importance of transparency. This word has become trendy in the past few years as the answer to changing company culture. Recently I have seen how important transparency can be in all aspects of our lives. 

Being transparent boils down to pure honesty. Being transparent means admitting failure, mistakes, and forgetfulness. Being transparent humanizes us and allows us to build trust in one another. In order for a person to be transparent, they need to be honest about their intentions. This often becomes important during the interview process while doing user research. I've found in order to gain trust (from patients, physicians and staff) it's more effective if I tell them my full purpose and potential outcomes rather than simply ask questions. Another area transparency is crucial is in management decisions. We learned how important it is to everyone that they are aware of what decisions are being made that affect their work, and more importantly how they can play a role. Transparency builds trust, empowerment, acceptance and in the long run changes company culture for the better.

The absolutely most important area where transparency is needed is in patient care. Patients want to be informed of their options, where they are going, and what might happen next. We found this user insight by spending time with patients, following their experience in the hospital and asking them questions. As part of our internship we will be investigating further how we can increase transparency and build trust with patients. Stay tuned!