There are two types of old things

There are two types of old things: Ones that you keep and that get better with age, and those that you discard. Next week, we embark on the task of removing the insights that are not needed (like my wilting sunflowers), and keeping the gems that have timeless elements (like my antique trunk). Sometimes it’s difficult for me to discard things, old flowers, old ideas even old feelings. On the other hand there are something’s like the trunk that get better with time.

We have spent two weeks collecting insights, broadening our horizons, challenging our assumptions. Similarly this week we begin to discard the more temporal or superfluous ideas. This allows us time to retain and isolate the shared sentiments and insights people have expressed that represent the same timeless qualities of the trunk. Recurrent values and themes that held true are…

  • Transparency
  • Accessibility
  • Perceptivity
  • Empowerment

Susan and I became so entrenched in all of the insights we gathered it was really helpful to get feedback from Doug Solomon (of IDEO) Nick Dawson, Joe Sigrin and Andrew Yin (all of Sibley Innovation Hub) to help us explore and identify themes in our research that have those timeless elements.

Here is a map of where we are in the design process…