The Internet of Things

I'm sure by now you've heard about a little invention called the internet. For most of you, I'm equally sure you probably also remember a time not so very long ago when it didn't exist. Maybe you remember that time fondly (no tweets, gchats, or email!), or as the technological dark age (no tweets, gchats, or email?!)

"But the times," as Bob Dylan would say, "they are a-changin'."

No longer is the internet confined to computers, cell phones, or ipads. Over the last several years, an "Internet of Things" has begun to emerge, linking everyday devices like thermostats, stereo systems, and security systems to the existing internet infrastructure, creating new opportunities across a number of sectors. Now, things as mundane as smart lightbulbs that remember to turn themselves off coexist with entire cities that are designed to be as energy efficient as possible.

What sorts of things would we automate in healthcare, given half a chance? Ingestible pills that help a physician diagnose from afar? Parking garages that tell a patient exactly where there's an open space? Microchips that we implant into our children at birth?

Ok, maybe not that last one, but a world where everything talks to everything else may be a smart idea indeed.