The importance of urgency...and an invitation!

The importance of urgency...and an invitation!

This week I have seen how important it is in the innovation process to act quickly and form a bias toward action.

It can be fun to immerse yourself in empathy, practice interviewing and understanding users. But urgency has to kick in in order to gain new insights and make headway into prototyping.

I've learned that staying in one phase of the design process creates uncertainty. It's important for everyone, regardless of what you do or what industry to try and get "unstuck". You do this by stepping outside the current boundary you've set. Don't focus on achieving a particular goal in front of you, just jump ahead. The design process (or any path to success) is not linear. Trust in yourself and move forward.

For my time here at The Hub, this has meant moving into a new phase to prototyping and testing. We have to break our ideas through attempt rather than contemplate them internally. Results will come, but they require immediate action in order to be reality.

This means this Friday we have a test event at The Hub! Please join us from 5pm-7pm for a healthy living event geared towards Millenials interested in preventive medicine. We hope to learn from the users what they are looking for in health and how to support that. We'll have healthy food, drink, juice bar, personal trainers, wellness speakers and socializing! Hope to see you there.