Summary of our Summer

Well this is our last few days at the Hub and to be perfectly honest, I am sad. I don't want to leave here just yet. We have to return to our graduate program in Baltimore and complete our degrees. These past few months have flown by. Kaye and I have had a whirlwind of experiences. We have learned so much from interviewing patients, doctors and staff, to waiting in every single waiting room we could, to meeting local community members and interviewing anyone who spare a moment of time. It has been an incredibly enriching experience. Learning to practice empathy and truly use human centered design everyday has been hugely rewarding.

From our research, we ended up prototyping a concept called TheWell, a new healthy lifestyle event program that would engage millennials off campus in the DC metro area. Our goal with TheWell was to capture a new market of potential patients. Our prototype event taught us so much about how to further create this concept and make it something Sibley could put into place. Eventually, those who attend TheWell would associate healthy living with Sibley and then come here for their primary care and other health concerns. Instead of Sibley being considered for only a few demographics, we could capture a new one that is eager to participate in their health. TheWell would create an alliance with a patient population that does not currently identify with a particular hospital, physician or methodology. The target for TheWell is healthy millennials who self-identify as having concerns about their long-term well being and engaging preventative medicine. These millennials go to yoga, the gym, enjoy informed advice over strict objectives and are eager to meet energetic like-minded people. We think with more prototyping of TheWell and iterating on concepts, Sibley could create an actually viable program for a new patient demographic. 

Our prototype was just one of the many potential solutions we could have experimented with at The Hub and we see so much potential here for amazing innovations. It has been an awakening experience to work at The Hub, one that I won't forget! Thank you for your time and sharing what you do with us.