rethinking: central line infections: avoid PICC lines by seeing veins through skin

In the Hub, we love brainstorming about wild ideas. Hearing something crazy from someone else often helps us think in a different direction. But when it comes to creating a prototype, we try to avoid things which haven't been invented yet like time travel to teleportation. Last week, Susan, the Hub's clinical guru, brought some technology to the Hub which felt like science fiction....only, it wasn't! 

Like every hospital, Sibley's aim is to have zero PICC line Central and PICC line infections are, simply put, preventable harm. 

Susan went on a mission. She reframed the problem. Instead of asking how we can prevent infections, she asked how might we prevent putting a line in someone altogether? 

She took to the web and researched best practices. She looked for other creative solutions, and she looked for technology. Susan found an amazing little gizmo called the AccuVein and we think it's straight out of a StarTrek movie! 

Take a look at our video - you'll see how the device lights up an area of skin and everything glows red...except the veins. 

What makes the tool so useful in the hands of a skilled clinician is the ability to find veins, even when they can't be felt under the surface of the skin.

If you can find the vein, you can save a PICC line! 

Cool thinking Susan!