Sibley's d.Team

There was a famous ad campaign from Apple Computers in the late 1990s dedicated to those who think differently; to those who are dissatisfied with imperfection and don't buy into the idea that change happens slowly. Depending on where you stand, they may look like they're either crazy or geniuses. They take an idea and play with it until something incredible comes out. Part of what has made Apple so successful in the last decade or so has been this very thing: Giving people the tools to create change, and then providing them the support to see it through. Here at the Innovation Hub we are proud to announce the graduation of our inaugural class of trained innovators. We call them the "Sibley" and we've tasked them with nothing short of changing Sibley for the better.

The, after a day and a half of intensive human-centered design training, is off and running. They've been trained on how to communicate more effectively, synthesize ideas, and rapidly prototype the next big thing.  You'll see them around the hospital working on one of several projects, ranging from redesigning the new employee orientation process to improving the communication with older adults. They are part of an elite cadre of innovators that just might create the next big thing in healthcare!

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