New faces in the Hub

By now, you've probably noticed that a lot of people rotate through the Hub. Some are physicians or staff, some are patients or family members, and some are simply curious community members who want to take a look at that "weird place with all the wonky furniture I saw when I arrived."

And sometimes, we are lucky enough to recruit volunteer Innovators-in-Residence, gifted designers that are well versed in Design Thinking and leading innovation projects and willing to help us think through some of our . Sometimes they're from within healthcare, and sometimes we specifically try to recruit people with an outside perspective.

Sibley, meet Kaye, Andrew, and Susan; guys, meet Sibley. These three will be with the Hub for the next 10 weeks as we work through issues on community health, aging in place, and creating new business opportunities in and around the hospital.

Over the next several weeks, they'll tell you more about their own unique histories and what's drawn them to health care design and Sibley in particular. And, if you see them in the halls, don't forget to say hello!