Magical moments: mom meets babies for the first time, thanks to FaceTime

Our nursery team has one of the best jobs on the planet. Every day Sibley welcomes more new lives into the world than any other hospital in Washington, DC. Each day, they get to be witness to some of the most precious moments in life. 

But, occasionally, those moments are slightly delayed. After a C-section, mom may not be able to get out of bed for up to 24 hours. If her baby has to spend any time in our special care nursery, it may be a day or more before they are reunited. 

Recently, Sibley’s special care nursery team tried an idea. What if we use iPads and FaceTime to connect families in those first special hours?

They prototyped the idea quickly and simply. An iPad was held over the baby’s warmer in the special care nursery. On another floor, Ryan Garvey, RN knocked on the door and asked mom and dad if they wanted to meet their little twins. 

For fifteen minutes mom and dad spoke softly and sweetly to their twins while Katherine Fleming, RN gently stroked little heads and held little hands. Katherine also used the video link to introduce herself and give mom and dad a report on how their babies were doing: “they are just doing great! In fact, they’re ready for some milk whenever you are up to it.” 

It’s not about the technology, the gadgets or the ideas; Sometimes its just about moments of connection.