Love in the time of clinicians

Many years ago, physicians would sit by your bedside hold your hand and nurse you back to health. Today operating procedures resemble an assembly line. The Primary Care doctor refers you to see the specialist and the specialist refers you to a surgeon and by the time you go to surgery there are four additional doctors involved. In our interviews we learned that physicians don’t like the shortened time they have with patients; they feel it’s very impersonal and unrewarding. On the other hand, patients lose trust when they get handed from one person to the next with little time to make connections.

 How might we re-introduced love into the system?

Love Heals
Studies have shown that love and healthy relationships are integral to healing and being healthy. Holistic approaches to healing will have a love component.

Love Creates Fans
In our research we found patients were astonished by the compassion they experienced at Sibley. We experienced this first hand with the chaplains, nurses, and different consultants, people that were committed to different aspects of healing.

Love is a virtuous cycle
Employees that feel the love from their employer are more inclined to go above and beyond. This is the case for this community hospital, and is the secret ingredient that creates loyalty.