How do we keep the momentum up?

In March, Sibley started a 90 day CUSP challenge. Every CUSP team in Sibley re-focused their efforts on improving the experiences of our patients. 

Lat week, at the Ops Team meeting, we asked: What’s next? How do we keep the momentum up?

What followed was an impromptu brainstorm around the table:

  • Do we offer rewards?
  • Do we do a recognition event?
  • How can we showcase the stories?

The ideas quickly coalesced into a single question: How might we celebrate the work of our CUSP teams?

Let’s do a video!

The rubber meets the road

A small coalition of the willing formed. Caroline Collantes, Gary Stephenson, and Caroline Shafa decided to lead the charge. A plan was drafted in 10 minutes; we knew the theme we wanted. Now all we needed was a patient to read a letter and a department on which we could test this crazy idea. 

The clock is ticking

We’re 24 hours from go time. I’m in Boston and it’s 10pm. Dennis Reed comes through with the clutch shot. He’s got a patient lined up for Friday morning at 8:30am. 

I guess we’re doing this…I hate when people call my bluff.

Let’s do this thing!

8:30 Friday morning. Dennis and Caroline S. come in with bagels. The Hub’s coffee set-up is in overdrive. Our patient guest arrives. Gary and Caroline C. join us in the Hub’s Punchbowl. 

“So you just want me to read my letter?” the patient, Garen, asks.

“Yeah, while five of us stare at you.” Everyone laughs and we dive right in. 

The dramatic reading quickly turns into Sibley’s newest morning show: Caroline in the AM. There’s coffee. There’s talk. It’s all good. 

We shoot a few more clips and call it a wrap. 

The first cut

We work quickly to splice together a rough cut. It’s dramatic. Dennis introduces the letter and, following Gary’s cinematic direction, we cut to Garen reading his own letter. And for the the close…a super slow-mo, heartfelt smile and laugh. It’s Oscar worthy for sure!

Taking it to the streets

The video is loaded on an iPad. Caroline S tucks it under her arm and grabs some headphones. She’s on a mission, stopping everyone she sees. 

Larry Ramunno’s first mistake was being seen. His second was stopping to ask what we were doing.

"Hey, want to hear what a patient said about us? Sure you do! Here sit down and put these headphones on. Pay no attention to the camera in your face."

One down. Many more to go. 

Annnnddd the Oscar goes to…

(Imagine the voice of that guy who does the previews for movies)

“In a world…where 90 days are All. You. Have…. Coming this summer: CUSP!”

Critics say:

  • You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll see all the bad editing mistakes Nick made -Joe Sigrin, The Hub Blog
  • Hey, this would make a good 'Ask Chip!' - Gary Stephenson, TW@S
  • Supurb. A modern cinema masterpiece. I can assure that the sequels will be made in 4 hours or less! - Tim Burroughs, An A5 A Day

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado….I present the world premiere of the rough cut of the draft of the prototype of the video, entitled Making it Big:

Trouble viewing the video? Check it out here.