Have you seen the picture on the wall?

I had am embarrassing moment last week.  While putting up some new posters by the entrance to the Hub, I noticed (for the first time) that the wall to the right of the entrance is painted with the logo of the Hub.  Looking at it, I just had a “wow” moment that I couldn’t believe how many times I had walked passed that before without seeing the bigger picture instead of just a collage of different colors. 

As a theme, it tied interestingly into my week, as there were a few things that I began to see the bigger picture about.  First was a new insight into the Healthy Aging project that came about from talking through a more recent prototype that has been built.  The moment came due to my finally seeing how some of the individual pieces that I have been focusing closely on came together in one tool.  Of course there were points of both excitement and of concern, but they only arose because we were looking at a whole picture prototype. 

Similarly, while looking at the whole picture I realized that some of my smaller concerns and worries were much less relevant than I had first imagined because I now had a better baseline to put the smaller issues in to perspective.  So, my takeaway for the week is that even as design thinkers who are purposefully looking in all directions to find both small and big picture influence and affects, there are still moments where things that may be obvious in one sense are actually not in another.  Things that we take for granted may not be as they appear.  Feeling strongly about something in one moment could be an indicator that I need to understand that thing further before acting.  Judgments or opinions that we form need to be continuously be molded and adapted through consideration of other perspectives and continual research.

By continually having these thoughts and asking these questions, we are at least positioning ourselves to be in a place to recognize and see an answer when it is staring us in the face, because those are the opportunities we don’t want to miss.