Guest Blogger - Matt Brown, RN

Hello Blog world,


I'm Matt and I'll be guest blogging for the Hub today. It's my first 'blogging' experience and I'm pretty nervous, but I felt like this was the best way to reach the most people to share what I’ve learned in the past few months.

I've been at Sibley coming up on nine years now, all of them awesome but a lot has changed. I recently went from being a frontline nurse on 6West to a new position, as Geriatric Nurse Navigator in our NICHE department.  Suzanne Dutton (our NICHE coordinator) and I are working together to develop this role.  I'm really excited to take better care our 65+ folks and many of the early project ideas for my new role were generated in the Innovation Hub. I’ve also been working with the Transitions team to improve how patients move from unit-to-unit and the hospital to home.  We had our kickoff meeting and all subsequent ‘standups’ (a term they use to describe quick-hitting update meetings) in the Hub.  The Hub is a different sort of place and lends itself to a different type of thinking. The openness of the space and the mindset of the people that work down there make sharing ideas and solving problems somehow fun. The technical term of what they do is ‘design thinking’ and the people down there have it down to a science but practice it more like an art.

When I was on the floor though, the Hub was a great unknown—somewhere I would stop by to maybe look at a model or snag some free food. I've certainly grabbed my share of snacks, but what's happening down there right now is a lot more than donuts and air hockey.

Besides the new Sibley being built, all the changes to 2015 healthcare mean we have to re-think the ways we give our best care.  So if you have an idea or just a few random thoughts about how Sibley can keep doing better, they'll help you get started and show you some creative ways to overcome traditional roadblocks so it feels easy to bring your idea to life.  Everybody is willing to listen and provide positive feedback. Nobody judges or dismisses ideas, and that mentality means you’ll find yourself thinking outside the box.

If it's a place you're still not comfortable going to, feel free to come find me and we can go down there together. I can introduce you to everybody and break the ice for you.   I know many people will be there for the mission and vision meetings so if you have a second then wonder around a bit and check out the place.

The input and ideas of the people who make Sibley great are necessary and the Hub is the perfect place to try them out.