For those hard-to-reach places

As I'm sure you've probably noticed, the Hub usually has food. Wonderful, delicious, snack-based food. Maybe you've tried some of our maple granola or our wasabi-covered peas. Maybe you're more a fan of the chocolate-covered espresso beans. I'm not one to judge.

But one thing that we've noticed has been that we're making a mess. Sometimes a few bits of banana chip will spill on the floor, or a solitary almond makes a last ditch bid for freedom by rolling under the chair. I mean, it happens, right?

But the Hub is big, and the resources of Sibley are finite, and the wonderful Environmental Services staff who diligently clean the Hub every day also have lots of other duties, like cleaning patient rooms. So we thought about the problem a different way:

"How might we keep the Hub sparkly and clean without adding to the workload of EVS or the Hub staff?"

Sibley, meet Gary. Gary, Sibley.

Gary is our new robotic vacuum, tirelessly scouring the Hub for stray bits of food, cleaning up our messes, and helping both the Hub and EVS staff focus on more important issues. So the next time you're in the Hub and a kale chip slips out of your hand, don't worry: Gary's got your back.