Design Sprint: Patient Welcome Center

I'm sure by now you've seen the new bed tower going up on the Sibley campus. If not, you've really got to get out more. The first departments will be moving over there in the next few months, with the rest following closely behind in early 2016.

In the meantime, however, the Hub has been working hard to get one of our pieces ready to go before the architects and construction of the interior takes place: Designing the new Patient Welcome Center to be a fluid, functional space to for patients, visitors and guests.

As you've seen in some of the Hub's other projects, we often start with analogous research. That is, what can an entirely unrelated industry tell us about the problem we face in ours. One example might be "what do airline pre-flight checklists tell us about pre-surgical safety checklists?" We're in that phase right now for the Welcome Center, looking at how hotels, airports, and restaurants tell us about how people wait, and how to make that as pleasant and meaningful as possible.

But we also need your help! Think back to a really memorable welcome you had: Maybe it was at that fancy hotel, or at Grandma's house. Maybe it was that really nice airline rep who helped rebook you on a new flight after the weather got your first one canceled. Maybe it was a place that you've been to a thousand times, but one time really stood out.

What made that interaction really stand out? We'd love to incorporate your experiences into the project!

Submit your experience here