An Intern's Log: Week 2

This week was about moving on and being introduced to new projects!  The first of which was to help plan a visit for a team from the Better app, who are coming to visit on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Their personal assistant app could has some great potential for providing patients further support through all of their health needs.  So, if you see us walking around the hospital feel free to say hi.  I also met with Dr. Josh Sclar to continue working on the Healthy Aging project that has been ongoing since the birth of the Hub, that's seeking to help manage the complex nonclinical needs of Sibley's older adult patients. Matt and Dave from 6E were kind enough to let me shadow them and learn about their work, and I have a few more people I am excited to meet with next week to continue learning.  Lastly, Silvia came to the interns to ask about what types of apps are available for OB patients as they go through pregnancy and early parenting. This is just in the works, so more to come!