2 day design sprint: how might we improve way-finding at Sibley?

Anyone who knows Sibley knows that hospitals, particularly older ones like ours, can be difficult to navigate. Even when you work here, finding your way around is tricky! Just imagine what it must feel like for visitors. They are already stressed about being in a hospital. Not knowing where to go makes matters that much worse.

So how might we lessen their anxiety when arriving at the hospital? Through observations and conversations with visitors and employees, we identified some interesting solutions that fall under two categories: hi-touch and hi-tech.

The Hi-Touchers want Sibley to feel like a community hospital. They want real people to navigate them. Luckily we have Eureka and Oliver – greeters whose job descriptions include “surprising and delighting” visitors. Normally they are easy to spot because of their uniforms. But when it is cold these uniforms are useless. They are hidden by the coats and scarves Eureka and Oliver must wear in order to stay warm by the entrances. Our solution? Better branding with fashionable yet functional outerwear.

    The Hi-Techers like apps and kiosks, but they also seek simplicity: “Why not have something like a mall directory that says ‘YOU ARE HERE’?” To build on the idea, we prototyped an interactive touchscreen that prints out personalized maps and directions. We also came up with a corresponding mobile app with GPS navigation for the hospital.

Wayfinding just got way cooler.