The Johns Hopkins Sibley Innovation Hub is an awesome team of designers, lean engineers, technologists and project managers. Hubsters work on problems in healthcare which have been historically difficult to solve or opportunities to create the future. The Hub team works out of a 5,000 sq foot open innovation space in the center of Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital. 

The hub coaches internal staff-led projects and works on larger projects of strategic importance to our community and hospital. 

Why Sibley?

Sibley is in a unique position to lead solutions that have a major impact on patient experiences and health care delivery. Since 5,000 of the nation’s 5,500 hospitals are community hospitals, an innovation hub based in this environment is especially relevant and meaningful. The new practices we develop together here are transferrable to the majority of our nation’s health care institutions.

Sibley’s close proximity to the most influential national policymakers, legislators and agencies in Washington, D.C. allow us to collaborate and have an impact at the federal level.

As a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, the innovative work Sibley develops, demonstrates the essential connection between biomedical research and operational delivery.

Most of all, Sibley’s skilled, dedicated staff and physicians are up to the challenge. The successful track record of safety and quality that we have already established proves that Sibley is the ideal real-world laboratory for creating, testing and refining new ideas.

Patient-centered. Powered by you.

The Hub is all about collaboration, and we welcome ideas and collaboration from Sibley staff, physicians, patients and families, community members, entrepreneurs, government, and other interested parties. By encouraging ideas from diverse perspectives, the Innovation Hub fosters creativity, imagination and partnerships between innovators who might not otherwise have a chance to work together.

How it works.

Our approach starts with a deep understanding of end user needs. Fresh ways to address those needs are designed, prototyped and tested by teams that include the person who brings the idea forward. The Innovation Hub’s full-time staff are here to help coordinate activities and facilitate projects.  Learn more here.

We love challenges, opportunities and problems without easy answers!

We make it easy to share an opportunity for consideration and possible development:

  • Already have an opportunity in mind? Submit it here, or come by the hub and work with one of our design coaches to bring that idea to life!
  • Attend one of our design thinking workshops and get the tools to begin innovating!